The Bathroom we really couldn’t make any worse.

I am a lover of HGTV’s “House Hunters”. I love following people around as they debate the pro’s and con’s of three different homes and often voicing my opinion to the T.V. either agreeing with their choice or letting them know that they just made a $300,000 mistake and they need to question their decision-making abilities.

One of the common things that happens on the show is that the house hunters see a room with some kind of decor they hate and they can’t see past it. Even if it’s something as simple as a paint color or furniture that doesn’t even come with the house.That drives me crazy and is usually one of those times I verbalize my displeasure to the T.V.. But, every once in a while a room pops up that makes us all cringe and even the most optimistic among us has a hard time visualizing any help for that room.

I say all that to set the scene  for the moment Mark and I walked into the upstairs bathroom of our house for the first time.


When I walked into the room an involuntary “Whoa!” escaped my lips. It was a visual assault to eyeballs. There was so much going on I didn’t know where to look or just to look away. bathroom

Flower wallpaper that fell out of vogue about two decades ago, yellow toilet, yellow tub, and yellow sinks and counter top, vanity lights that hung from the ceiling on chains, and yellowed linoleum that judging from the increased height of the bathroom threshold was probably the fourth or fifth one this bathroom has seen.

But the bathroom did have a few good things going for it. Double sinks, lots of counter space, and it was a huge bathroom – literally the size of a bedroom.  Considering that this was the only bathroom on the second level with all the bedrooms and we would all be sharing it, these positives were really important.

**Side note – can I just say how much I miss having a master bathroom! It is in our long-term plan to add a master bathroom and I cannot wait. Sharing a bathroom with my kids is so gross. Is it so much to ask that a toliet get flushed?!

It’s no secret that this bathroom needed (and still needs) a complete gut, it was just not in the budget and we did not have the time to allow for that remodel. But it needed help in a major way!

So, we pushed up our sleeves and got to work. The first thing to go was the wallpaper. Some areas just practically fell off the wall and in others it was stuck so fast we pretty much-needed to take the first layer of the wall off. During the wallpaper removal process the toilet also had to make an exit. It had started getting clogged about 2 minutes after we bought the house. It is an exciting adventure when your toliet is overflowing and you have no towels in the house (she said sarcastically). Let’s just say that plaid shower curtain came in useful after all.

We did not have a budget for new counter tops and a new tub and surround. And while I’m sure the choice of yellow was on trend and some point, we were not fans. After a lot of research we found a product called Rustoleum Tub and Tile Refinisher and it was just what we needed to give this bathroom a fresh clean look. That plus some paint on the walls, new lights, fixtures, medicine cabinets, rug, and new shower curtains and we feel the bathroom we couldn’t make any worse definitely got better.


Tub Pre Fixtures

87c3a6a1-46c1-4ff2-a68a-0390de3ed5ea77d0eab6-d7f4-46fb-9ad0-8a1775e6d60eNo we did not refinish the toilet – we just got a new one of those.img_3512

You can see what a difference refinishing the counter top made. Since this picture the new medicine cabinets were installed and I painted the bathroom vanity navy.

Hopefully this budget refresh will hold us for a couple of years until we can do a total bathroom makeover 🙂

Thanks for reading!



New Year – New Blog Post

New Year’s Day brings about the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings, and that is what is what I am giving myself with this blog – a fresh start. I started this blog over a year ago  recently with the idea that I would blog through all our home improvement projects and adjustment to life on our little farm, but somehow the actual living and doing of all these things took so much time that my little blog fell by the wayside.

One of my friends recently started up her own blog about their homesteading and home improvement adventures( and after reading some of her recent posts I was encouraged to blow the dust off my laptop and get this blog rolling again (thanks Amy).

So here we are, a  New Year and  a fresh chances so I am picking up where I left off. When I last wrote we were packing up our house and getting ready to make the big move to the farm. In the last year we have made many changes and improvements to our farm house and while we have many, many, many, more we want to do,  it is sometimes nice to look back at where we started instead of focusing on how far we have to go.

I thought I would post the real estate photos so everyone can see what our house looked like when we saw it for the first time. We fell in love with the space, the setting, the character, the history, and many other quirks about this house – some which now drive us absolutely batty! For example,  “we love the original windows!” has evolved to, “when can we replace these drafty windows that don’t open?” But Rocky Comfort Farm has still captured our hearts and we are enjoying adding our pages to our farm’s story.


These are not all the spaces on the house we have worked on, but I will post many of the  before and after photos and I walk through the projects we have done, but those are for another day and another post.

So, raise your glasses and join me in toasting in a New Year and many more blog posts to come!


Let the Work Begin, or Keep Doing the Work, or Keep Doing the Work Just More of it.

piper and red

So much has happened in the last week! We went from homeowners to renters in our current house and owners of a farm in the matter of two days. It is weird to think that we don’t own the home we live in anymore as it still feels like our home, except that I am a lot more paranoid about the kids spilling things on the carpet. And the home we are moving in feels like a strangers and not ours at all.


It doesn’t help that almost every room in our new home represents some kind of work. So much work! As our move date creeps closer the panic rises more. I am trying to find peace with knowing it will not all be complete. That my ideal is not our reality. Every day I cross more off the to do list, not because it is done, but because there just isn’t time to get it all done.


But there are fun moments too. Wallpaper ordered from England for Ava’s room, eggs gathered from our chickens, a rocking chair placed on the porch, a trampoline added to the yard, and the peace that the country brings. We just keep our eye on the prize and continue to make this place our home.

sawyers room

We started our projects in what will be Sawyer’s room. In here the plaster was not in the best shape and the windows need some major help. So step one is taking down all the molding. We are doing it very carefully as the woodwork in this home is amazing and we don’t want to damage it. As it comes down and we can start to peer into the walls I think about how we are the first people to see into these nooks and crannies in 120 years.  As the plaster crumbles away you can see the little tufts of horse hair that was used to hold it together 100 years ago. So much history, so many stories within these walls and we can’t wait to add ours to it.

It’s getting real!

movingToday is the day we sign the papers selling our house. I have to admit, while we are excited and happy about this, I am sad. 10 years ago Mark and I starting the process of building this house. Some would hate the process of building, picking our our every single detail of your home and having to find agreement with your spouse on all of them. And we are talking every detail here people, from doorknobs to light switches to baseboards – the list goes on. But we loved it! Fortunately, Mark and I have very similar taste and frankly, Mark is very agreeable to all my suggestions, so any conflict was very low.

Now as I look around our home and see all those choices,  all those details,  remember the process and the excitement – I feel sad to leave it all. We have had great memories at this house. We have brought babies home from the hospital here, we have watched those babies grow, we have laughed here, cried here, and loved here.

measurementsWhen we made the choice to move it was never because we hated our house or even grew out of it. We just desired a different lifestyle. A life where we walked out our doors and didn’t see a neighbors garage. A life where we spent more time outdoors.  A life where we taught our kids the value of growing food, raising chickens, and getting back to basics. A life where adventures were found in the barn on a rainy day.

So while we are excited about the changes; I’ll still miss this house. I’ll always love the house and all the love we put in it. But now we will have a new house and the love and memories are coming with us, and wherever we are all together – that is going to be our home.